My Favorite Tools


They call it your Evernote Brain, and for good reason. Everything that you come across and want to retain, Evernote will hold, and be available to you everywhere that you go, and all of the devices you have. the browser add-in makes clipping articles and images a cinch, sharing easy as a click, and the phone app allows you to sync entire notebooks so you can have access to them even without an internet connection. Ever want to work on an idea on a plane? I have. Evernote has saved me time and time again.


When the iPhone was first released, one of the first things I relied on my smartphone for was looking up “who was in ___ movie/show”? Naturally, the next question is “where is it streaming?” Reelgood connects to your streaming services and allows you to jump straight into viewing the show you are looking up based on the services you subscribe to.


Internet marketers will love Webmaster Tools, or Analytics above all else. Personally I love GMail for making email easy and fast. Possibly as much as I love their acquisition of Postini that promises almost no SPAM…ever! What has saved my relationship with my wife is Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows us to share our calendars, invite each other to events, and make sure we both are aware of everything in each other’s lives.


There are a lot of project management apps. I like Podio, but TeamworkPM allows me to make task lists. There are so many different projects, but many of them contain same or similar tasks. TeamworkPM lets me collaborate on projects and saves me time setting each project up step by step, allowing me to add pieces together to make a project in moments.

Amazon Prime

I read a LOT! Being able to get anything I can think of in two days with free shipping, and at a better price than I can anywhere else makes my life so much easier. During my MBA program I was able to get the books I needed for ancillary reading fast enough to be able to incorporate them into my papers and projects.

Now that I have a Roku box, the free movies and access to paid rentals is definitely a sweet bonus!

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