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The world changed for me about two months into my M.B.A. program. While I have always risen quickly to management roles, learning how to truly be a part of a business and its many systems began to really excite me. While I have loved taking out-dated processes and digitizing them for cost savings, I am excited to take my project mangement experience to greater heights and really contribute to a company’s growth as the head of a team excited to drive change.

Work History

MSA Systems, Inc.
QStock Product Manager (6/2013 – Present)

Starting as an Implementation Engineer, I worked with customers and project managers to implement supply chain and warehouse management solutions, integrated with enterprise resource planning solutions.

  • Manage the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities
  • Specifying market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by on-going communication with customers and prospects.
  • Driving a solution set across development teams (primarily Development/Engineering, and Marketing Communications) through market requirements, product contract, and positioning.
  • Developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, working with all departments to execute, rebranding both websites leading to a doubling of internet traffic.
  • Work closely with our partners and potential customers to craft solutions to best fit their industry and business, then follow through by leading their implementation team.
  • Oversee any required customizations to ensure compliance with project scope.
  • Plan and coordinate development of QStock Inventory to accommodate current customer needs, future growth, and technological advancements.


Eldorado Stone
eCommerce Coordinator (2/2007 – 5/2013)

  • Helped plan and implement a Business-to-Business ecommerce solution developed by a 3rd party that was partially responsible for a 43% reduction in Customer Service headcount.
  • Maintained users, content, and images site wide.
  • Led Customer Service Representatives through troubleshooting ecommerce user issues to ensure customer had a single point of contact for all resolutions.
  • Identified possible areas of improvement for version 2 and acted as Project Manager for accepted improvements for 3rd party to develop.
  • Added Google Analytics to track trends for future development, identify popular products vs. sales, and identified customer dissatisfaction with the categorization of items.
  • Implemented an email marketing campaign to increase traffic from current customers and reach out to the idle customers to increase usage.
  • Make HTML and SQL coding changes for bug fixes, increase user experience, and to integrate with marketing campaigns.


Eldorado Stone
IT Application Development (7/2006 – Present)

  • Project Manager on RFID implementation to track hard assets to accurately pair with ERP system and accurately account for depreciation of assets.
  • Designed and developed intranet for standardized forms management, record keeping and reporting with SQL backend. Programed in HTML, VB.NET, AJAX, and JQuery.
  • Proposed, designed and conducted a system-wide pricing audit using GreatPlains/SQL. Based on findings, created and standardized company-wide pricing formulation strategy. Designed extensible automated system for migrating existing inventory and integrating future product lines.
  • Installed Warehouse Management Systems for multiple facilities. Provided supply chain planning, on-site training (including creating instructional materials), wireless network implementation, and systems support. Inventory accuracy rose from 90% to 99.7%, enabling a migration to regular cycle counts from yearly full inventory counts.
  • Managed continued maintenance of Handheld RF Units, Access Points, and warehouse infrastructures across 11 facilities which included travel to locations and remotely leading on-site teams to resolutions.
  • Created reports in SQL and Microsoft Reporting Services for executive staff to better visualize key performance indicators and metrics essential to business decisions.
  • Worked with Plant Managers and Quality Assurance Managers to create a new process for Warranty Claims. Both designed and coded a web application (HTML/ASP/AJAX/VB.NET/JQuery) to facilitate the new process and allow for increased visibility which shortened warranty claim resolution times from months to weeks.
  • Worked within and maintained Sarbanes-Oxley controls such as beta and development environments for testing all software updates directly or indirectly affecting the ERP and Inventory systems as a child of a publicly traded company.
  • Suggested and directed a social media and internet marketing strategy for Eldorado Stone and was invited to assist with the social media initiative of Headwaters Inc., Eldorado Stone’s publicly traded parent company.


Sport Chalet
SCUBA and Mountain Specialist (2006 – 2011)

  • Assist divers and climbers determine equipment needs and get the proper equip ment to match their personal tastes and technical needs.
  • Recommend classes, courses, and continuing education.
  • Maintained knowledge of local diving and climbing locations, industry events, technology, and challenges.
  • Leveraged network to increase my personal education and certification levels for personal growth and to better assist customers.
  • Inspect, maintain, and service SCUBA tanks and equipment.
  • Comply with all area, industry and safety procedures and regulations.


Sysco Food Services
Warehouse Supervisor/Slot Coordinator (2/2004 – 6-2006)

  • Created reports for upper management and executive staff to analyze warehouse production, shrink, and benchmark criteria.
  • Reassigned item locations for optimization based on movement, weight, packing, and receiving with data accumulated from reports personally created using Business Objects, Microsoft Access, SQL, and AS/400 query.
  • Headed special projects dealing with warehouse expansion.
  • Arranged warehouse operations around expansion construction needs.
  • Participated in focus groups to maximize overall productivity in various areas.
  • Administered and assisted corporate IT group with upgrades to proprietary Warehouse Management software on UNIX servers and RF equipment.
  • In-house Champion for an internet based training program for Warehouse and Transportation crew as well as Management staff.
  • Championed Manhattan’s SlotInfo warehouse slotting optimization tool and customized it for local warehouse.
  • Initiated a physical warehouse expansion 34.8% increase of available freezer space and a 50% increase of available cooler space. Swapped and re-slotted Freezer and Cooler areas to best make use of the space and organized a audit to ensure accurate inventory assessment.


Sysco Food Services
Lead Computer Technician (10/2001 – 2/2004)

I first moved to San Diego to fulfill a 3rd shift position in Sysco Food Services computer room while I went to school at nights for my B.S. in I.T. I learned SQL, Business Objects, and AS/400 in my down time and was quickly able to help with reporting. I used my hardware background to help repair computers and quickly moved to day shift and to become a department lead.

  • Administered redundant Warehouse Management servers, applications, and databases, as well as Transportation tracking server, applications, and database.
  • Responsible for company-wide technical support including installation and repair for warehouse and transportation.




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University of Phoenix, San Marcos
Masters of Business Administration (2010)

Inbound Marketing University, Online
Inbound Marketing Certified Professional (2009)

University of Phoenix, Rancho Bernardo
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (2002)


SCUBA Certifications

Certification Date
Open Water
Advanced Open Water
Enriched Air Diver
Oxygen First Aid
Equipment Specialist
EFR-Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st aid)
Dry Suit
Rescue Diver
Sep 25 2005
Jul 6 2006
Jul 20 2006
Aug 21 2006
Apr 17 2007
Mar 30 2008
Jun 25 2008
Aug 9 2014

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The world changed for me about two months into my M.B.A. program. While I have always risen quickly to management roles, learning how to truly be a part of a business and its many systems began to really excite me. While I have loved taking out-dated processes and digitizing them for cost savings, I am excited to take my project mangement experience to greater heights and really contribute to a company's growth as the head of a team excited to drive change. -Justin Velthoen

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