Day 4 – No Freakin Way!! #fb

So I am now 4 days into this Slow Carb diet, which is really not even feeling like a diet. I am eating more than I did last week and I lost almost 4.5 pounds! 

The hell you say? Well, this is how I did it. (Sorry on my lack of food photos, iPhone is now fixed and primed.) Breakfast has been bumped to:

2 eggs
1 egg white
3 forkfulls of black beans (fork to strain out the water)
2 forkfulls of Chachie’s Medium Salsa Scrambled and with Tapatio to taste
2 Pint glasses of ice water (works better than coffee) (also, don’t mix it, drink it in case you were wondering)

Yea, I’m a jerk and I forgot to take pics at Thai One On with Breeski, but just know that I had the basil beef (no rice) and beef satay. It was good, but not my favorite Thai place. Tomorrow is my “be evil day” so I am anticipating some Carls Jr, drinking with friends, and Snickers!

Side Effects:

  1. Stank – I don’t know if it is related, but my pits have had the demon smell. (note to self: more deodorant!)
  2. Energy – OMG, its like I’ve been on a 2-day caffeine high! 
  3. Too hot – My core temp seems to be warmer, but that might just be the days. I’ll start tracking my temp too to verify.
  4. Sleep – It was hard to fall asleep last night. There is a section on sleep I need to read. More on that later

On with the stats!!

Weight: 224.4!!!

Body Fat: 28% (started at around 30%, but since scale wasn’t working, we will have to go with this)

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