I think values are critically important. Not just as something we are described as, but as a metric, we describe and measure our selves to. Realizing that as important as it is for each of us to call out and define, I believe it is just as important to make public so our friends and network can hold us accountable to these standards.

To support that, here is a list of the values I hold myself to, and I encourage you to hold me to as well.


Always have a passion for learning, and recognize that the greatest learning comes from teaching. Two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other. Personal Development will always be a key part of my identity, and I will make myself a resource to the world at large to level up any and all who choose to follow that same path.


Nothing in life has value if integrity is not at the forefront. Integrity is not just being a good person. Integrity means being My Best Self with every person I meet and come in contact with. It means following through on commitments, making sure to always be just a little early, and unfortunately saying “No” to the majority of tasks so that when I say “Yes” I can deliver the very best.


I have a personal war against Waste in all forms. Operating from a Kaizen mindset, always looking to improve and keeping my mind open to the fact that all ideas, thoughts, beliefs, as well as processes, can be improved. Especially honoring the Employee Genius, and looking for insight from those around me who might have valuable insights. People usually come to me to learn to be efficient, and I teach them to be effective.


While I was happy as a bachelor, I have found a joy I had not hoped for previously as a Dad. I made a commitment to my wife, Chelsea, and an implicit commitment to Vivian, to always be there for them and put their needs forward and do so with honor.


Since my bachelor’s program, I have been passionate about self-development. Even before then I could never accept a process that couldn’t benefit from improvement. I have discovered that growth is two-sided, as I grow I feel the drive to support others in their growth.