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down-to-earth style, Justin draws on his personal experience and business success in both technology and supply chain to share with audiences the essential elements that comprise his ingredients for success in business and in life.

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Integrity as the Key to Success

To receive the rewards of life, we must first love ourselves.  Often, our beliefs get in the way. Are we good enough? Can we traverse through life’s obstacles? What is truly real? It is that lack of self-worth or need to be special that sometimes instills fear that interrupts outcomes we can achieve.  Our sense of self, sometimes defined as ego, can also put us into a state disbelief of what is possible, unless we have the awareness and know how to shift that thinking, then choose to persevere at all odds.  Knowing how to shift your thoughts is the difference in designing the life and lifestyle of your choosing. It starts with unconditional love, and that begins with you.

In this keynote, Justin shares how to:

  • Integrity is the Key to Success
  • Being on time
  • Honoring your commitments
  • Task/Calendar management
  • What you talk about vs what you do

 Take More Vacations for Rapid Growth

There are multiple benefits in recognizing negative thoughts as they arise and knowing that they are coming from fear or limiting self-doubt.  Being able to recognize this and surrendering it to the universe relieves anxiety and provides the mental (and physical) space to move forward.  The attention and intention of realizing how you can choose to show up in the world culls out our possibilities to actively participate in our own solutions and even collectively choose to address larger scale issues we face (or which our children will).

In this keynote, Justin shares:

  • Downtime for inspiration
  • Using time away to boost creativity

Be the WHY to Inspire Your Team, Customers, and Vendors

A business owner who is clear on his or her value will operate a business that is valued.  The value you give yourself is, in fact, the value others give you.   The cornerstone of perceived and real value is grounded in your thinking and what is the root cause of your thinking?  Often, we can get stuck in stinkin’ thinkin’  (thanks Zig Ziglar).  Our mindset can limit personal and business potential if the focus is on shame, blame, perfection or a need for total approval (okay, when does that happen?)  Taking personal responsibility and having healthy sense of self are turning points in creating massive results.  When we shift our beliefs, business will grow.  Leaders will lead.  Employees will contribute and clients or customers will be delighted.

In this keynote, Justin shares:

  • Be the Why
  • How vision is the foundation of success
  • Bringing the team, customers, and vendors behind a singular vision

The result of learning the above is a direct contribution to a strong corporate culture, employee and customer loyalty all resulting from cultivating leadership at a new and different level.

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