Day 8 – Sprouts, no not the store!

Chelsea’s Mom, Marlyle of To Meat or Not To Meat blog, introduced me to sprouting my own seeds/letils/etc, and I LOVED it! I was the kid always in trouble for eating the alfalfa straight from the package. Drove my parents crazy at the cost of those things. Marlyle brought over a jar of sprouted seeds and I ate, then watered, then ate, then watered, and the darn things just kept growing and it took me forever to get through! So I went out and bought a jar of my own and have been a sprouting fool all year!

The jar has lintels in it, and the baggie has green lintels. Both are delicious. I also recommend radish sprouts for sandwiches! I love that spicy zest…though not plain, blech!

Workout: Finally did the kettlebell swing! …crap that was hard. I had to break it up into reps: 20x, 10x, 10x, 10x, 15x with 40lbs. I did the cat vomit last night before bed, just couldn’t resist. Luckily, that one is something I think I can do through out the day. We shall see.

Breakfast: Same eggs, spinach, black beans. No salsa, because that new one I picked up from Fresh and Easy was just nasty. 


Weight: 224.6

Fody Fat: 27.5%

Finally back to around Thursday’s numbers. This week’s cheat day, I’ll be more cognizant of following the tricks (grapefruit juice, workout, etc.)

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