Day 7 – Forgot Pics of Dinner!

Dinner: Ginger beef at Pei Wei (no rice, extra veggies for $1 “ab tax”)

Snack: I bought some sauerkraut and kimchi for flora and some almond butter for a “dessert” when I felt like it. I am really not a fan of the kimchi or the sauerkraut. Frankly, they’re nasty. I know I need the flora to aid digestion, and I know how important it is, so I choked down a couple forkfulls, and there will be a couple more forkfulls next to my breakfast, but I suspect that Tapatio or Sriracha is going to covering it to mask the nasty. 

PAGG Stack: I had AGG for dinner, and I just had PA before I head to bed. The garlic really hits me, and there is nothing like staring at the ceiling with a good garlic burn on, so I avoid it and the caffeine of the Green Tea before bed. 

I wanted to get to bed earlier, but I really wanted to read about the kettlebell swing, so I stayed up reading. Tomorrow I will start doing some activity in the morning! I’m pretty stoked. I remember how quickly I would tone up when I was in swimming class. I contemplated crashing the class to get back in the nice pool, but I really like the freedom to decide if I want to surf or swim based on conditions. The other big push is that I live 1+ hour away from a 7am class. 

I really need to move back down!

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