Day 31 – Finally, Some Sleep!

I finally got some much needed rest! Surprise, surprise, I finally got to 218 again! I think the correlation vs causation is starting to lean towards “sleep you dummy!” This will have to translate to better time management, which is probably a really good thing. I go through cycles, and obviously it is time to re-examine.

Breakfast: Added some spiced salmon to my scramble today. Worked out very well and my energy level suggests I like mass protein in the morning! I also used Chelsea’s beans, but spiced heavily with garlic salt and paprika which gave a yummy BBQ flavor. Definitely will be doing that again!

Lunch: Virgil and I went to Curry & More here in San Marcos. I really love Indian food and was glad to get out there again. I had a lamb dish which I won’t pretend to know the name of, but I was aching to reach for the naan. So tempting!

Now it is 4pm and I am seriously craving some sugar. I want a Mountain Dew and a Snickers! I have all kinds of energy, but I’m on a roll coding and I think it is more of a

If code = true then (++sugar) and (++caffeine) end


Weight 180.0 lbs (!!!!)

Body Fat: 26.7% (58.1 lbs)

Water: 53.5%

BMI: 28.3

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