Day 26 – Chocolate Pairings With Wine And Beer

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast wiht plenty of butter, one with strawberry jam

Lunch: Spicy Pickle’s Sausalito Bandito with a Sprite

Cheat: Chelsea and I had 20 tickets for chocolate and beverages and we used them all, plus two a nice lady gave to us. There were a couple chocolates that were “ok’, but they were all by Chuao and fairly bland compared to the Chocolate Salon in San Francisco.

We did find two wineries that we fell in love with though! The first was Cordiano Winery in Escondido. Their Zinfandel had just a light touch of raison, providing a sweet overtone and a full body, while keeping the overall feel dry. We were told that we really needed to head to the tasting room to try the Tempranillo, and undoubtedly we shall!

The second winery is a budding venture here in Temecula. They had an interesting sparkling white that was unsweetened by sugar. It was dangerously easy to drink, but comforting knowing that the lack of sugar would leave the head clear the following morning. We got the vineyard’s information and will probably feature this for our wedding’s toast.

Dinner: After all the snacking, neither of us felt too much like cooking at 8:30pm, so we hit Trader Joes on the way in and headed up some chicken potstickers, beef skewers, and thai rolls (in the oven when the photo was taken) to be paired with an array of sauces. Sadly, the crème bruillet was forgotten and ended up back in the fridge. Next week!


Weight: 219.1 lbs

Body Fat: 26.8% (58.6 lbs)

Water: 53.4

BMI: 28.4

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