Day 23 – Upping the Dose!

Lunch at Panera. Thai chicken salad, extra chicken. VERY tasty, but really about hte only thing on the menu that I could eat!

I have been doing better at taking the supplements (PAGG stack), but I was feeling that I should re-examine what I was taking, what was recommended, and make a new plan. Sure enough, I saw I was well under for a couple of the supplements. 

Here is what I found

Cissus Quadranularis

Usually used like Creatine for muscle restoration, but Tim Ferriss found a couple interesting side-effects that he mentioned in The 4 Hour Body. With the right dosage, it had an anti-obesity and anabolic properties! In layman’s terms, it minimizes fat gain while over eating and promotes muscle growth. 

Recommended: 45mg / 1 lb lean body mass (45mg x 160lbs = 7,200mg per day)

Current Dosage: 3 x 800mg = 2,400mg/day

Action: Adding a second pill to every “stack” + 1 in morning = 7,200mg


This neat little supplement has been found (by Tim Ferriss) to increase HDL and decrease LDL cholesterols significantly. If you are battling with cholesterol, definitely look into this one!

Recommended: 23mg per day before bed (most effective when cholesterol is produced between midnight and 4 am in most)

Current Dosage: 10mg

Action: Adding a second pill before bed to bring it to 20mg

Alpha-Limpoic Acid (ALA)

This baby has a TON of great benefits! Highlights: antioxidant, help regenerate vitamins A&C, increases excretion of heavy metals such as mercury from cells, forces calories to be stored inside of muscle instead of fat cells, recruits GLUT-4 to increase insulin to increase glucose and nutrient absorption.

Recommended: 300-900mg per day

Current Dosage: 400mg per day

Action: Adding a second 100mg pill to each dose, bringing me to 800mg per day

Green Tea Flavinolis (EGCG)

Another epic list of benefits: decreases UV skin damage, inhibits cancer growth, anti-aging, increases GLUT-4 to surface of skeletal muscle cells, inhibits storage of excess carbs as body fat and diverts to muscle, kills off old fat cells which prohibits the famous “rebounding” after weight loss.

Recommended: 1300mg per day

Current Dosage: 750mg per day

Action: Adding another pill at breakfast to hit 1000mg per day

Garlic Extrat (Allicin)

Prohibits fat regain.

There wasn’t much on the garlic, so I’m keeping this dosage the same, 1 pill 4x daily. Those things are POTENT and hard to swallow. Choosing the lazy route here and focusing on the others that should give me more intense results.

Today’s Stats!

Weight: 220.8 lbs

Body Fat: 27.2% (60.0 lbs)

Water: 53.1

BMI: 28.6

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