Day 21 – Alarms For Accountability

Breakfast: 3 eggs, spinach, kidney beans, 2 strips of bacon

Note: Tim Ferriss makes a really good point on bacon. Never skimp here. All the toxins and junk we store in our bodies is stored in the fat, which is a huge pecentage of what bacon consists of. Getting free range, organic, green, LEED, (you know, all those tree hugging things that make things cost more, but are really worth it and make you feel many times better) etc. bacon means that the fat you are eating is actually much better for you…and incredibly tasty! 

…that said, we have a ton of bacon previously bought in the freezer so we’re eating that first =]

Lunch: Nattaya’s swapped a WHOLE PLATE of veggies for the rice that normally comes wihtthe Basil Beef. Tummy is super happy right now. 

I kept forgetting to take the PAGG stack before I ate and usually took them right as, or right after meals. I know what times I usually eat, so I set alarms to go off 30 minutes before to remind me. Working so far! 


Weight: 222.4 lbs

Body Fat: 27.3% (60.6 lbs)

Water: 53.8 %

BMI: 28.8

I need to play around with portions to try to get those #’s to drop faster.

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