Day 18 – The Day Justin Forgot

I’m bad, I completely forgot to post. Here is me standing around picking my nose and a quick breakdown:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, spinach, black beans as usual

Lunch: Chipotle (steak burrito bowl with black beans, fajita mix, pico, corn, lettuce, and guac)

Workout: 5x 15 reps of 40lb Kettleswings. 

Dinner: Chelsea made an AMAZING chicked in balsamic reduction, and the carmelized onions she put on a bed of spinach. Very delicious!


Weight: 221.2

Body Fat: 27.2% (60 lbs)

Water: 53.1%

BMI: 28.7

I took measurements, but honestly, doing it myself really leaves a huge gap in accuracy, so I won’t post them. I will say I had to tighten to the third notch on my belt. While that is a great thing, it is frustrating that the second notch is so warn the belt bucles (pun) at the buckle. 

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