Day 13 – Lunch & Dinner

I played it smarter today. Instead of having breakfast then going to the homeshow in Del Mar where I knew I was going to get hungry with only the option to eat hot dogs, Chelsea and I stopped at one of my post-surf stops in Encinitas for some mexican food. Worked like a charm, I was able to hold out until dinner no prob!

Dinner was a nice big organic grass fed steak Sprouts was having a sale on. We BBQ’d it up in a lull in the rain (see: sprinkle) and sat it next to a huge spinach salad with sprouted lentils.

I’ve learned that while cardio is great, nothing beats fat like your body struggling to keep warm. I was going to go by CVS on the way home to get a bigger ice pack to sit on my neck and upper back (see Four Hour Body), but a lady at the home show happened to be selling a special pack designed to sit on your shoulders! $30 and a lifetime guarantee later, I was set!

While it worked ok across my shoulders as designed, I ended up using it vertically down my spine. I noticed a big difference in my core body temp.

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