Day 10 – iPhone is a Brick

So my iPhone finally passed last night sometime between 7pm and 10pm. No apparent cause of death. I may be joining the Android world sooner than expected! Everyone call me, because I want to relish in phone calls that don’t drop like a man who makes it out of a desert would frolic in a lake, just because he could!

Breakfast: Same, but I didn’t scramble everything together (black beans are on the bottom). I just felt like some yoke. 

Yesterday the kimchi exploded in the fridge (photos on the dead iPhone). Apparently you need to eat that fast or the live cultures make gas, and make your fridge all nasty in a hurry. Divided it into containers with more air, but might just switch to sauerkraut. 

I have been good about my PAGG stack, I just keep forgetting to post. I’m going to go look for my Cissus today.


Weight: 223.2

Body Fat: 29.7% (big jump from 59)

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