The Social Media Trilogy (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Gerardo Dada
Gerardo Dada

Three vital components to building a successful online strategy by Gerardo A. Dada


  1. Build a Social Media Strategy
  2. Build a Community
  3. Roadmap for Success

Why Social Media?  Low cost marketing, we have to do it, getting traction

Only 12% measure Web 2.0 as effective. How do you measure? team, strategy, document

2007 it was “why?”, 2008 was “try”, 2009 is embrace.

1. How do I build a Social Media Strategy?

  • Don’t! Social Media should support a business strategy
  • It is a tool that needs to be used throughout a company
  • Get the passionate people talking
  • Get employees involved and increase employee retention
  • When people do leave, Social Media makes it easier to find, recruit, and train new employees
  • Deliver an integrated user experience employee <-> partner <-> customer
  • Customers expect personal, multi-channel, social, immersive connections

2. How do I build a community?

  • Enhance it, grow it, promote it
  • “Fish are where fish are”
  • Engage customers, tools are secondary. Be flexible to the needs.
  • What is a community?
  • “a group of like minded individuals that interact with each other about topics they care about”
  • Understand what people are saying. Who and where?
  • Content is King!
  • Create a content Strategy
  • Create metrics and be agile enough to move where the community does
  • What is the rich media strategy for your company? post, moderate, store, tag

3. How do I succeed in Social Media?

  • Transform into a customer centric company
  • “Ability to reach outside of ourselves and connect”
  • Engage and interact with the conversation in the marketplace
  • Be transparent and authentic
  • Participate, listen, and act when asked or when needed
  • Get employees involved in the community by making Facebook, twitter, or blogging a part of their job (1 hour a week, 2 hours a day, etc) Suggests Radiant 6 CMS
  • 5 Steps to Success
    1. Get people on-board
    2. Develop a strategy
    3. Define clear goals and metrics
    4. Resourcing
    5. Promotion
  • Social Media = Marketing + Information Technology
  • Next consolidation is governance

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The world changed for me about two months into my M.B.A. program. While I have always risen quickly to management roles, learning how to truly be a part of a business and its many systems began to really excite me. While I have loved taking out-dated processes and digitizing them for cost savings, I am excited to take my project mangement experience to greater heights and really contribute to a company's growth as the head of a team excited to drive change. -Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

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