The Quest For a Better Foot

Foot Surgery
Foot Surgery

I finally discovered a doctor who has been able to give me a definitive response to the issues with my foot! Ok, I’ll start at the beginning. Years ago I took a large jump learning to climb and had a bit of a twinge that has progressively gotten worse.

The first doctor thought it was a pulled muscle. Later I found Dr. Reingold who found a small non-displaced fracture which he wanted to open me up for. Since he couldn’t determine a level of confidence for a diagnosis I went seeking a homeopathic solution as an alternative to surgery. Dr. Reingold then came to my work to confront me on getting a second opinion and said he would not release my charts unless I promised to agree to surgery. Who does that?! Obviously I wrote him off quickly!

I then went to Dr. Matt Alavi, who used acupuncture and electric stimulation to close that fracture up to half its size. Acupuncture is truly a wondrous thing! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt overall after some of those sessions. I would often fall asleep and wake up reeling with ideas for surfboards, work projects, and business ideas galore.

Recently Dr. Sharon Dreeben was recommended to me. I met with her today and she is confident that the fracture Dr. Reingold thought was so intense is now only one to two millimeters deep and being non-displaced is not likely to be giving me the trouble I am experiencing. She believes that the pain is from a small surface area of connection of a tendon that connects near the fracture. She also found a floating bone fragment. The plan is to remove the bone fragment and more suture the tendon down better. It is very refreshing hearing someone with confidence! I think I will actually allow her to cut into me.

For now though, its summer! I’m going to dive, snorkel, and surf to my heart’s content while it is still board shorts weather.

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