Skydiving Otay Lakes

Skydive Otay Lakes
Skydive Otay Lakes

When I first met Chelsea I promised to take her skydiving. On our second date I managed to wrangle my foot chasing after some jerk who snatched her purse. I had fractured a bone in there a year prior learning to climb. After Matt Alavi acupunctured me up, life became a lot easier so we decided to jump!

As a birthday present to each other Chelsea and I bought each other’s tickets and for a graduation present I bought her pictures and video. To keep the price down, and the excitement up, I organized a large group of us. Since I had one friend that had gotten his certification at Otay Lakes, we all listed him as our referral and he jumped all day for free! I have never seen anyone so happy! He was bouncing up and down all day, on the ground and in the air.

Chelsea and I went up on the same trip. She got to jump first, but we still beat her to the ground! I learned before my first jump years ago that being excited on the ground will lead to a VERY fun trip down. My tandem spun us all over, over and under the canopy, swooping, and having a blast! Absolutely amazing! I already can’t wait to do it again. There is no feeling of letting go like rolling out of the door of an airplane 13,000 feet in the air. It is the pinnacle lesson on decisiveness, commitment, and liberation!

Chelsea and I loved it so much, that we both decided we want to get certified to skydive. Another adventure to add to the growing list of things to do after graduation. Maybe one of these days I might get her SCUBA certified as well.

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