Today we see a new president enter office and a new year beginning. Personally, I am seeing a shift as I start an MBA program, deal with a long distance relationship, and have taken on a complete transformation of my life from fitness, project management, budgeting, self-awareness, singular focus, and goal setting. As I take this step into my 30’s and into a more responsible adult in a more responsible era, I thought it appropriate to let this new person that is to emerge have his own area on the internet. Next stop: Goal setting!

About the Author

The world changed for me about two months into my M.B.A. program. While I have always risen quickly to management roles, learning how to truly be a part of a business and its many systems began to really excite me. While I have loved taking out-dated processes and digitizing them for cost savings, I am excited to take my project mangement experience to greater heights and really contribute to a company's growth as the head of a team excited to drive change. -Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

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