Darwinism On The Web (Web 2.0 Expo Notes)

Sören Stamer of CoreMedia led one of the most inspiring talks about the need to evolve business paradigms to fit the changing world. Marketing has shifted, the way people want to be engaged has shifted, and only the companies that realize this have a hope to remain competitive in the coming years.

This talk has inspired me to go back to Eldorado Stone and show them how to interact in social media, how to work more with the end consumer as well as the distributors. I will raise their knowledge and bring them to this new shift I see happening around us. I will make Eldorado Stone a community that will keep us in the forefront of our industry!



Massive networking drives change


  1. Lingering Dynamics – 6000+ days of web changing society
  2. Rising Complexity – Impossible to predict so be agile
  3. Increasing Transparency – http://www.ratemycop.com/ Its happening!
  4. Globally Synchronized – Creates opportunities and criticism
  5. Collectively Smarter (or dumber)
  6. Abundance of Options – Declining GDP, explosion of services and information
  7. Exponential Growth

How deep is the impact?

Fundamental Change – Be agile and expect unexpected

10 Patterns and How to Exploit them (Websites evolve: engage people!)

  1. Empower your community and build your tribe. Feedback loops rule and drive business and evolution
  2. Engage in Conversations. Emotions connect us.
  3. Be Personal. Engage as a human person. Virality is the new power.
  4. Make Ideas Contagious. Personal resonance counts. iPhone App SonicLighter allowed users to see map of the world showing everyone using app creating a community.
  5. Use Established Paradigms. He who is open and focused wins. Encourage competitors to use your platform.
  6. Open Up and Do Less. Evolution is hard to predict. Twiiter has all functionality immediately displayed and is totally simple
  7. Let It Go. Don’t try to predict, adapt and grow with the community. People pay for attention. $1000 iPhone app just to show you spent the money. Facebook grew exponentially past MySpace because of their API allowing other applications to integrate with it
  8. Provide Ways to Earn Attention. Yelp shows a user’s statistics, friend counts, updates, rating, etc.
  9. Enable Multiple Touchpoints For Your Service. Google Search: “making money because of __”
  10. Find Ways to Offer Great Service For Free. Ryan Air changed the business by offering free flights and charging destinations for the tourism. Skype, the largest global carrier.

CoreMedia – Increase Return on Engagement!

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The world changed for me about two months into my M.B.A. program. While I have always risen quickly to management roles, learning how to truly be a part of a business and its many systems began to really excite me. While I have loved taking out-dated processes and digitizing them for cost savings, I am excited to take my project mangement experience to greater heights and really contribute to a company's growth as the head of a team excited to drive change. -Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

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