Birthday Goal Setting


Its funny in life how things come together to really point out a lesson. Sometimes I think the Universe knows I can be a bit dense and so feels obligated to tell me 3 or 4 times when I need a lesson. This time it was the build up I feel every birthday.

Every year I start looking at my time line, what I have done, what I wanted to have done, and where I want to go. A time for birthday goal setting. Unknowingly my birthday became my new year’s resolution time!

As I found out, that is actually the ideal time for resolutions. Your birthday, for obvious reasons, is a pinnacle point in your life cycle. Your cells have died and been replenished, the earth has made a complete cycle, as has my head. As I brought this up to my friends, I learned that a birthday is a much more natural place for goal setting, and the resolutions made on a birthday are easier kept.

So the goals that I set this year are:

  1. Earn $200,000
  2. Drop down to 200 lbs.
  3. Increase my breath hold time to 2:00 (min)

All three are aggressive goals, but also attainable. I have been looking at ways to supplement my income, and $200,000 will be difficult enough to push me. I keep staying at 220 lbs, and I really want to look better at the beach…since I plan on being there more often with my new and improved foot! Finally, if I am supposed to get anywhere freediving, I need to increase my breath hold. I found a great iPhone app that can help me with that, I just need to find free time that isn’t in the car to practice!

Have you tried goal setting on your birthday instead of on new year’s eve? Let me know how it worked out for ya!

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